Tackle challenges that matter with your ideas

PowerLab is a format for TenneT employees to bring their ideas to reality. Apply and explore your idea in an innovative environment with access to the experts and tools needed. Join us in shaping the energy transition.

Become an
within TenneT


Join the fast lane to launch your project

Being part of the PowerLab gives you the opportunity to leverage your expertise and interests, to learn more about innovative methodologies and entrepreneurship, and ultimately, to spend time working on a project that matters - to you and to our company.

  1. Get the resources needed
  2. Become an entrepreneur within the company
  3. Meet innovative like-minded colleagues
  4. Get leadership attention
  5. Broaden your network within TenneT and beyond


We guide you through every
step of your entrepreneurial journey


Choose the challenge or idea you want to tackle, and submit it on your own or as a team.

Activities: Coaching in problem thinking, networking with experts


– Inspiration workshop on 23d of June

– Ideation workshop on 8th of July

– Powerlab talk on 12th of July


Prove that the problem exists and is crucial for TenneT. Attend a series of workshops, “Innovation Camp”, and pitch your idea to the jury to get the resources going forward.

Activities: Desk research,
customer interviews

Support: Business model coaching, networking and education


– Power Camp: Sept 13 – 17th

– Problem validation WS: Sept 27th

– Solution workshop: Oct 11th

– Ecosystem analysis WS: Oct 25th

– Develop roadmap WS: Nov 8th

– Pitch perfect training: Nov 22nd

– Pitch day: Dec 7th


Prove that you can solve the problem. Develop a prototype of your solution and test it with potential clients.
Get feedback on your solution
and improve it in an iterative way.

Activities: Prototyping, Experiments

Support: Venture architect coaching, Technical experts, Networking


January – April 2022


Launch and grow your project. Test
all aspects of your business model
in a small-scale pilot. Start growing your project.

Activities: User testing, Business model validation, Implementation

Support: Venture architect coaching, Technical experts


Defined individually for each project


Wondering if you can apply?
All TenneT employees are eligible


You have a project or idea that you want to bring to life.


You found a challenge you want to solve.


You are really into entrepreneurship and want to help others.

the energy

We are looking for challenges with a certain complexity and uncertainty to help you validating the problem.

Not sure if your idea fits the topics?
Simply reach out to us via the contact form below.


We are looking for projects and ideas that

  1. Enable the energy market for existing customers Enable Market Parties
  2. Design the energy system Asset Systems (Grid), Non-grid Alternatives & technical Alternatives
  3. Build the electricity grid Effective Construction & Commissioning, Effective Procurement tenders
  4. Maintain the electricity grid Maintenance Quality, Field Operations / Work execution, Asset Portfolio & technical Alternatives
  5. Operate the energy system Ensure Security of supply; Manage Grid Operations Processes & IT/OT
  6. Enable the core activities Manage Digital & Process Excellence, Manage HR Strategy & Talent


Together we make TenneT
ready for the future

In a world that is rapidly evolving, we need to explore new opportunities. At the same time, our talents need to have the space to grow and develop within TenneT.


of ideas and solutions through user-centric testing


of working through fast and iterative processes in startup-like structures


that brings ideas on the fast track through efficient collaboration with legal and IT departments


Possibility to tackle challenges with cross-functional teams guided by experienced innovation coaches

Growth and

opportunity for our talents, who will bring the knowledge back to their departments

Tackling challenges that matter with the ideas and power from our employees is an important step towards reaching our goals at TenneT.

I am sure that the PowerLab is the right format to achieve real results and nurture an entrepreneur-like attitude and behaviour in our workspace. Don’t hesitate to submit your idea and become an intrapreneur at the PowerLab to shape the future of energy!

Christine Schneider
Lead Board Office


Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered!

Who is eligible to apply?

PowerLab is a company-wide initiative open for applications from all TenneT employees with an entrepreneurial mindset, no matter which division they are working for.

Do I need to have a team to apply?

A team (of up to four members) is preferred, but not mandatory. This is because typically a team is required to complete all the tasks to turn an idea or concept into a proof of concept, minimum viable product, or pilot. In case you believe you need more than four team members, please explain your case. Applications by individuals are also fine, however we encourage you to start looking for additional team members to join you on your intrapreneurial journey going forward.

What do I need to bring to the table?
  • A problem that you want to solve, an idea that you want to bring to life, or a project that you are already working on.
  • Time to work on your idea (in case your manager does not support you with the necessary time please let us know in your application so we can align with him or her)
  • And most important: the passion to work in a start-up like environment to bring your idea to life and motivation to learn new methods and approaches
What kind of ideas / problems can apply?

For the PowerLab we are looking for ideas and problems along the core of TenneT. These can be technical ideas, but also process or optimization ideas. Generally they should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Enable the energy market for existing customers
  • Design the energy system
  • Build the electricity grid
  • Maintain the electricity grid
  • Operate the energy system
  • Enable the core activities

If you have any doubts or questions if your idea is a match for the program – please reach out to us via the contact form.

In what language can I submit my application?

The language for the application is English. In case you can only apply in another language or need language assistance, please contact the PowerLab team at powerlab@tennet.eu

How do teams get selected?

Once the application phase has ended and all applications are handed in, a committee of cross-divisional experts together with the PowerLab core team will evaluate all ideas and jointly decide which ideas will be shortlisted. The shortlisted teams are then notified and invited to the first phase of PowerLab.

What happens with my current position?

Your current position will not be affected by participating in the first phase of the PowerLab program. There will be no changes to your salary and other benefits, your contract stays untouched whilst you are participating in PowerLab. In case you (and your team) are selected to the PowerLab program a 20% time commitment is necessary, these arrangements would be aligned with your manager.

Where can I get additional information about PowerLab?
Download the PowerLab pitchdeck for more information here. Feel free to share it with your colleagues, as well as the link to this webpage. In case some of your questions are still not covered, reach out to us via the contact form.
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Hi, I’m Alex from TenneT PowerLab. Your question is still not answered? Fill in the form or call me directly at +31 (0)6 2577 4802.

Apply with your idea
and tackle challenges that matter.

Application deadline for our first batch was already on 20th July 2021 but there will be a second batch coming in 2022. Get in contact with us to talk about your idea and start your journey with PowerLab.

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